Saturday December 16 , 2017

iClone 6 Showcase & Demoreel using old and new projects to test the new engine.


Moving Road Prop

This Beginners Skill Level tutorial covers creating a moving road prop using a UV iProp base and a road image. The first part shows a road leading away from the camera. The second part covers a road and moving background running horizontal to the camera.

The side image on the horizontal road will need to be made to the length of the road. In this tutorial I used a tree scene made in Vue that is stretched to 1000% which also makes the speed look very fast. The image for the moving background must be oriented properly in your image editor such as Photoshop as applying the uv mapping feature of iClone 3 stopped the motion... or at least it does on my system. By this I mean if the image needs to be rotated 90% clockwise or counterclockwise you will need to do so in an image program before importing into iClone 3.

Add a vehicle with animated wheels or use smooth tires and hubcaps to hide the lack of motion. It might be possible to use the cylinder prop and cover fancy wheels or hubcaps with a smooth texture to hide lack of animated wheels on the vehicle.

If you have any questions about this tutorial or other items concerning iClone 3.0 then please start a new topic in the forum located  here.

**The 1024 X 768 version is recommended so you can see the numbers typed into the various fields for the road and background moving props. Since this is high quality you may have to right click and save (download) the movie to your computer if your internet connection cannot stream it. Also the Flash based movie may take a short wait to load the first time.

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