Friday January 19 , 2018

iClone 6 Showcase & Demoreel using old and new projects to test the new engine.


Cone of Light Tip and Props

We have received some requests for information on a light effect used in some of our vids. Creating an illusion of a cone of light streaming from a lamp post is not that difficult to achieve in Version 3 of iclone. In fact all you need is a simple cone prop which you make semi-transparent and then play around with the light settings and cone prop to achieve the final result.

What you need are:

Some sort of lamp post or light
Cone Prop
iClone Point Light


There are many ways to achieve this result but you cut the cone opacity setting to 9 and use a white glow map to achieve the effect. You then move the cone prop into place under the lamp and scale till you get the desired effect. This also works better when your ambient light is as dark as you make it and still see the parts of the scene that are necessary to the shot. Setup the point light under or just inside of the lamp prop that you want the light to stream from and change the settings till you get the desired effect.

We have already provided an iProject file for iClone Version 3 and seperate Lamp Post and Cone props so you can use this effect to add more depth to your illustrations and animations. The effect can be staggering in some cases and can add mood to any scene.

You can download a project file with props here.

Examples of light cones below. Click to enlarge.

Light Cone Example 1 Light Cone Example 2 Light Cone Example 3

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