Friday January 19 , 2018

iClone 6 Showcase & Demoreel using old and new projects to test the new engine.


The Space Station Project Freebie

This project file is very large in terms of the 3D space used. You will need to use the "Shift" key when moving objects or cameras around because the 3D space is so large. While there are some significant poly counts we have experienced no problems in manipulating the scene. If your computer has trouble handing the scene then turn the realtime rendering down a level or two.

View a Demo Video Here.

The Space Station Project Freebie

Download the file here (must be a member of the CoolClones forum). If you have any questions about using the file, comments or ideas for improving it you will find a discussion thread located here.

1. Nebula - this was created in Photoshop using the technique found here: which produces nice looking nebula images. This is mapped to a sphere and resized to fit behind the stars.  You can use the 360 Sky sphere from the 3D Space props in iClone or create a sphere in a program like Studio Max as was done for this project. A glow map was added and you can also play around with the opacity levels to achieve different nebula effects.

Nebula Sphere and Star Sphere with Glow Maps Added

2. Star Globe - This is an old freebie prop I provided way back in version 1 of iClone that was created in Studio Max. It is included in the project file and has a bright glow map added to it. The twinkling of the stars are a by-product of movement within iClone.

Star Globe Only with Glow Map Added

3. Bouys, red lights and landing lights - These were created in Studio Max. The red lights are merged with the bouy body to create the bouys and mapped with a glow map. The Landing Lights were created in Max using animated UVW maps and have a glow map added in iClone. The Landing Lights were duplicated in iClone with one set turned upside down directly below the first set of Landing Lights so they can be seen from above or below. The Bouys and Landing Lights were then attached to the Space Station model so they will rotate with the Space Station.

4. Models from 3D Warehouse: The Vipers (Vipers on Patrol by Ghost Sketcher), Capital Ship("Luna"-Class-Assaultcruiser/Destroyer by DerSarynReturns), Jump Gate (Intergalactic Gateway by MasterDetail) and the hangar bay (XPB Gate Ship Garage by Church-13) were converted and in some cases edited with 3DXchange or the free version of sketchup for use in iClone.

5. Large Planet and Ring - modeled in Studio Max and much larger than you would be able to achieve with scaling in iClone. The atomsphere is created in iClone by duplicating the Large Planet, scaling it up and manipulating the opacity of the prop and attaching a glow map to the prop.The ring also have a glow map attached and the opacity has been manipulated.

Large Planet with Ring Added

6. Space Station - Modeled in Studio Max with the modified hangar interior attached after import into iClone. The Space Station spin is created by using a timeline animation. Look at the timeline for more details. Set the position of the Space Station in Frame 1 then go to the frame of your choice and and rotate the Space Station the desired amount.

7. Movement of Props - look at the timeline for each prop that moves such as the Vipers or Capital ship to see the keyframe animations.

7B. Viper Animation - to make the vipers appear to be going away from the camera scale them from 100 to 0 while they move from point to point in the timeline. As an example have the Vipers in their initial position on frame 100 then move to frame 400 and drag the vipers to the ending position away from the camera or across the camera. On frame 100 leave the scale at 100 but on frame 400 change the scale to 0 and the Vipers will appear to fly off into infinity. If you shorten the distance between beginning (100) and ending (400) frames then the Vipers will fly faster. If you lengthen the distance between the frames the Vipers will fly slower.

8. Jump Gate Effect - Using the timeline a glow was attached to the outer facing ring of the gate and gradually faded in while the Water prop (Water Type 004) was used for the inner gate effect with a glow map that fades in and out on the material timeline. Look at the timeline to view the keyframe animation.

Items you can extract from the project file for other uses:

nebula sphere and nebula graphic
Large Planet and Ring
Landing Lights
Cargo Bay Interior
Image Overlay
Red Lights
Star Globe
Space Station
Capital Ship



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