Monday February 19 , 2018

iClone 6 Showcase & Demoreel using old and new projects to test the new engine.


iClone Asset Management

Like anyone that has been in the 3D arena for any amount of time at all I have accumulated a huge amount of 3D assets ranging in the terabytes over all applications. Being a developer of freebies and commercial iClone products I have amassed a tremendous amount of assets because like a lot us I keep a morgue of my work dating back to files that will probably never be retrieved but they are in one location, backed up and accessible by search. When I first started in 3D work I spent most of my time looking for assets, then making assets then being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of assets I was accumulating.

Instead of trying to remember where things are or being so anal that I spend more time cataloging than using I went the external hard drive route and so have many others. This not only transcends and works with all my iClone installations... not matter what computer I may be using it also puts the assets in a location that can be easily indexed by Windows and then searched for if I can remember any part of the file name. Using descriptive file names solves a lot of this problem.

Now when I need something I open an explorer window or windows on the external drive (which is backed up too) and use the Windows search feature located in the upper right of the default windows 7 explorer pane. The first time you search this drive windows will ask via a bar in the explorer window if you want to index it for faster searches which you want to do. 

If I need a car or cars... I just search for car, automobile, vehicle in the explorer window and get rewarded with lots of nice thumbnails to look at then I simply drag and drop the asset into the workspace. If you try to use a built in motion and get an error that is because there are supporting files that need to be copied over to your iClone installation or you can edit the AML to change the location of the support files. If we are talking about a built in character animation then you would probably need to copy its iAnimation files from the folder on the external to the proper folder location in the iClone installation.

 When Reallusion introduced Drag and Drop from external sources a good while back it certainly solved my problem. I do try to keep buildings in a building folder and so forth so I can drill down folders to speed the search but lately I taken to searching the root of the main folder I have the custom and installed content stored in on the external and usually get results back in seconds. I also use a sync program to keep my template folder up to date on the external. I use GoodSync. There are probably several other good sync applications available that are affordable.

I no longer have a content problem unless I just completely forget about a prop and misname it or poorly name it. This works great on a multiple montior system but also works on laptops and configurations as long as you can see the asset to drag and drop into iClone.

Content Type Action Taken Indexed for
Windows Search
New Content  Install Normally Then Copy or Sync to External Hard Drive Yes
Existing Content  Structure the storage for easy searching and backup periodically. Yes


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