Friday January 19 , 2018

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Creating your Own Dogfight - Using MoCap

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Even though this demo was fun to make creating the motion capture was a lot of fun! It's been a long time since I've got to sit in a chair and play airplane pilot without feeling silly... then again not sure what other people in the building thought if they heard any airplane noises coming from my low cost mocap studio... a Kinect on a rack system using remote desktop to work iClone from that location. I used a chair setup directly in front of the Kinect.

After initial calibration I sat down and had fun.

I discovered the following:

  • least just a bit if not a lot depending on what you are doing. Exaggerated movement does seem to help with some captures.
  • Have the room well lit. I found good lighting to be essential.
  • Mask out the legs from the motion capture so we wont have to deal with them except to position them once. 
  • Sit in the chair and have fun! Its over before you know it and you have to act like an adult again... bummer.

Clean up wasn't bad and I've found that some users misunderstand the MoCap pipeline. You don't have to keep the bad motion! Just use the BREAK feature to break the motion and then delete the part you don't want. To cut out the initial awkward and downright weird poses you can just break at the start of the good animation and delete the first part. In other areas you can cutout sections you want or don't want by making multiple breaks and selecting the proper parts to delete and string the left overs back together.

Clean up also involves using the REMOVE ANIMATION feature. Right click on the motion and remove the animation from the legs then pose the legs accordingly and forget them since we do not see them... at least not in this example.


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