Saturday December 16 , 2017

iClone 6 Showcase & Demoreel using old and new projects to test the new engine.



Final Video - Please be patient while it loads. Video Example


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This is a spoof commercial for a ficticous product that helps control lycanthropy. This was meant to be entered in a Halloween Film Fest but it could not be completed in time. A case of getting an idea too late!

The interesting part of creating this animation was the mirrored image of the character. The method finally used was to cut a hole in the wall and cover it with glass for the effect while mimicking the room behind the character and using two identical characters with identical movements. The downside to this is the "mirrored" character is not reversed so any gestures that move body parts radically away from the body will not be "mirrored" as one characters hand is to one of the side of the screen while the mirrored character is pointing the other way!

Wolf in Mirror Setup Wolf in Mirror Setup

 The product shot used Water #9 set to black with a black scene background to add reflection of the product boxs for enhanced view of the product. A motion graphic from Reallusions Motion Design set was placed inbetween the product boxs. The application tool was created in 3D Max.

Product Screen with Motion Design Graphic Whimsical Application Tool Created in 3D Max

All in all this was a very fun little animation to make. It took about six hours over a couple of days to make. Vegas Home Studio (not Vegas Pro) was used to edit the clips together with the audio. I find myself using Vegas only when I need more tracks than Home Studio provides. For the price Vegas Home Studio is a powerful editor.

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