Saturday December 16 , 2017

iClone 6 Showcase & Demoreel using old and new projects to test the new engine.


WarLord's Butterfly

WarLord's Butterfly

A functional low poly butterfly prop that flutters it wings, excitedly wiggles it's antenna and has an idle pose. Scale to desired size.

PLEASE NOTE: Idle is a still pose - no animation with wings at rest. Excited wiggles the antennas on the butterfly head which requires a closeup to see. Flutter will flap the butterfly's wings. Legs are not animated.

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Please note that some of the items are packed into one scene even though they are classified as props. These items need to be centered in iClone and saved individually to the proper iClone folder such as props or accessories for ease of use.

All files are packed in a zip file format.

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