Saturday December 16 , 2017

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iClone 6 Showcase & Demoreel using old and new projects to test the new engine.


Simplified Ragdoll

 A very simplified ragdoll that is capable of simple motions without the arched back which is taken care of with a couple of simple clicks. This ragdoll is not rigged for position matching and will not substitute for that rigging.  You can download the ragdolls here.

This rig might help those new to physics to grasp the concept and move on to a more complicated rig. Very quick to setup and use. The actual tutorial is around 6 minutes followed by an explanation of dummies and the demo scene.


Simple Warp Portal

 Simple Space Warp Portal Effect


Using MoCap and Multi-Layer Motions

 Uses three different animation tools to create a motion and transition to an idle motion. MoCap, Puppetry & MixMoves


Soft Cloth - Head and Shoulders

How to attach a soft cloth to the head and deal with the collisions on the head and shoulders.


How To: Drag and Drop

 A continuation of the Content Management Article concerning Drag and Drop.


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